The Things We Forget

As women I think we forget just how powerful we are. We forget how strong we are and how much control we actually have. Now I’m far from a feminist but I think we as women give a little to much away in terms of our self worth and how we allow others, such as the media, men and even other woman to change our opinions of ourselves or make us doubt ourselves. We forget how beautiful we are with our curves and soft spots or with our toned lean muscles. We forget how sexy we are, with our hair and makeup done and how we can communicate with just a look from across a room. We’re even sexy in ways you might not realize Like when our hair is a mess in the morning, in can oversized t-shirt or in the frustration of figuring something out, brow furrowed focusing on the task at hand.

We forget that a strong woman can make a good man even better. The quote  “Behind every great man is an even greater woman” is no coincidence. We forget how much power we have in being sensitive and emotional. Even though we may not be able to save face all the time we feel things to our core in a way only us women know.  We forget that our bodies have the power to give life! A favorite author of mine wrote, “I love being a woman, and acknowledge the power in it. How it holds the mystery of blood and creation, not just pleasure for a man.” -Megan Hart, and it couldn’t be more true. We’re these creatures that have all this natural magic about us, body, mind, heart and spirit.

We forget that while we’re proving that we’re smart, capable and intelligent that our bodies are just as significant as our brains. Trying to not be loved just for our bodies, we forget just how important and glorious they actually are! A constant battle of balance. But our bodies are perfect, god given (maybe with some upgrades) and should use both equally and have the right to do so! Wear that tight dress, low cut top to get the job, promotion, special treatment, discount, or to just get ahead but also have the brains to back it up and to do it better than they ever thought you could! We forget that while praising woman for being being confident and successful we can’t be quick to shame them if they show some skin. We forget that just because we want to be taken seriously for our minds, we can be taken just as serious and respected for loving and showing our bodies how we please.

We forget that we (women) are our greatest allies in this. We forget how powerful we are in numbers. We forget to love and lift each other up because we are all going through the same struggle of being a woman and the balancing act it is. We’re quick to judge each other and slow to compliment. We forget that its a terrible example for men, when we call each other names and forget how saying something nice or posting something nice sets the bar for others, and men! I personally love when my girlfriends and woman followers comment or like my pictures more then the men do. Its something like a kindred spirit understood me in that moment, wholly. Me as the independent, strong willed woman I am, forget how good it feels to find comfort in other women and how powerful I feel with my women friends by my side and on my side.

My point in this rambling, repetitive post is I recently was questioning myself. I’m reminding myself and all of you, we can be sexy but smart, soft but strong, silly but serious, kind but not weak, stern but not rude. We forget that we can be loved for our bodies and our minds equally and just how much strength we have in those two things. We are goddesses of life and beauty and showing our bodies and expressing our sexuality does contradict our intellectual competence or business savvy. We have all the power. Being forgetful of that we foolishly put our self worth in the hands of others and that can be a dangerous thing. So don’t forget; to love, respect, express, shield and spoil yourself but most importantly don’t forget you are a WOMAN, perfect in every single way.  A force, a powerful being, beyond words, capable of more then you know and stronger than you realize.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Chelsey, you are an amazing young woman. After reading “things we forget”. I realized I’m watching this young woman blossom into the inspirational leader.
    Thank you for allowing me to join you on your journey.

    Love and peace, Cindy Lemon

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