Pacified by Perfunctory “BoPo” Efforts.

Size 22 model Tess Holiday is on the October cover of Cosmo UK, which means, we can count on the ever growing vacuum of the black hole we call “body positivity” continuing to suck all the air out of the room! Leaving only the interminably resounding libretto that we all are so familiar with. Some version of, “Fat people want/need to be seen, so see me/us and respect it/me/us!”. I don't have issues with the Body Positive Movement, I have a problem with it being hijacked. Body Positivity is synonymous with a little tummy pudgy, plus size modeling and fat acceptance (Disclaimer: Beautiful fat … [Read more...]

My Butterfly Moment

Moving to LA has been a crazy time for me! It has been five months since I left my home town and a lot has happened. Not only has this town become my new home it has completely lived up to all my expectations. Its Interesting moving to a new city and totally feeling at ease. Its an amazing feeling to be in a city, where so many things are possible and so many dreams can come true. I say all the time "I don't think I’ll ever move back to Reno" and it really feels that way the longer I'm here. I moved to LA a little over two years after ending a bad relationship. It was my first real bad … [Read more...]

Not Everyone’s About That Swirl, Girl

A few weeks ago I watched the finale of a show called “Catching Kelce”. Real quick, the show followed NFL star Travis Kelce in his quest for love. He got to choose from 50 women, one from every state. After weeks of girl drama and anticipation Travis ended up picking a woman named Maya. A black woman from Kentucky. I WAS THRILLED! Being a mix girl that has dated a white athlete, jock what ever you want to call it, I was stoked. With the age old question  “Do you date white guys” by white men, this was a Hell Yes!! It was an interracial relationship created on a reality dating show, in a public … [Read more...]

We’re Doing It Wrong

Ok I'm gonna do it again! I’m talking about dating. I saw a meme the other day that rang so true for me, I reposted it, saved it, and sent it to a few friends.  It read, “When I was young I wanted to be married by 23.  Lets all take a moment and laugh together.” and its so true!  When I was in high school I would have bet money on this but here I am.  In this jungle/limbo we call modern dating. A world I didn't plan for when I went bright eyed and bushy tailed out of my parents house at 18.  Twenty-six, I now find myself in a place more suited for a specific level of hell from Dante's Inferno, … [Read more...]

Just A Funking Phase

Have you ever just had a bad fucking month, or two? Looking back you realize that you weren't just overly sensitive, temperamental or irritable. While in the midst of those string of shitty days, you were just in a funk. Unmoved, unmotivated and just plain down! I'm finding myself on the other side of this funk month and feeling as though I'm on a brand new path. My main goals and aspirations have not changed, neither have my close friendships. What did change for me was coming to a few realizations about my self and my personal life. Who I am as a woman and that some people that were in my … [Read more...]

Something I Didn’t Know I Needed

I recently had a very close friend of mine apologize to me in a very big way. After deciding where to sit,  if we needed a shot first and  45 minutes of build up they read me a very detailed, personal, beautifully worded letter about how our relationship had suffered for the past few years. They said while looking back at how things had changed our relationship in a bad way and the time that had been lost could never be regained, going forward should be on a new level of love and respect. It ended with them saying the anger they had harbored trying to forgive me was not what the problem was … [Read more...]

The Things We Forget

As women I think we forget just how powerful we are. We forget how strong we are and how much control we actually have. Now I'm far from a feminist but I think we as women give a little to much away in terms of our self worth and how we allow others, such as the media, men and even other woman to change our opinions of ourselves or make us doubt ourselves. We forget how beautiful we are with our curves and soft spots or with our toned lean muscles. We forget how sexy we are, with our hair and makeup done and how we can communicate with just a look from across a room. We're even sexy in ways … [Read more...]

Dating In a World of Non Dating

Being 26 never married and single has never been so hard. I’m at a place in my life that I'm completely content in myself and who I am and ready for a partner, but dating is so fucking hard! I mean don't get me wrong, I know the difference between dating and hooking up. I can count on one hand my “hook ups”. Im talking about dating. Having conversation about beliefs and goals, going on dates, telling someone you like them without them blocking you and saying you got too clingy because heaven forbid you express how you're feeling. Im talking about REAL dating. When he leaves and says “I’ll call … [Read more...]

My Hair Routine

I love my hair but it is definitely high maintenance and hard to handle at times. Its been many years of trying to find a product that doesn't dry out my hair, make it greasy or have buildup, then I found the be curly™ line  by AVEDA. This product has changed my hair routine! I love my curls and fro and I have gone through everything to find something that meets my very, VERY  curly hair needs. I have done everything, from not shampooing my hair any more and just using conditioner to using specialty conditioners. I have even stopped using regular hair products all together and would just rinse … [Read more...]