Pacified by Perfunctory “BoPo” Efforts.

Size 22 model Tess Holiday is on the October cover of Cosmo UK, which means, we can count on the ever growing vacuum of the black hole we call “body positivity” continuing to suck all the air out of the room! Leaving only the interminably resounding libretto that we all are so familiar with. Some version of, “Fat people want/need to be seen, so see me/us and respect it/me/us!”. I don't have issues with the Body Positive Movement, I have a problem with it being hijacked. Body Positivity is synonymous with a little tummy pudgy, plus size modeling and fat acceptance (Disclaimer: Beautiful fat … [Read more...]

Size = Happiness

My entire life I have never known anything other than being curvy. I have always been bigger and taller then most woman in my life. It didn’t take me long to realize this but I never associated it with something negative, until one summer  in particular. I was visiting my family in Minnesota. I was at my aunts cabin, standing in the kitchen in a floor length skirt and bathing suit top and my grandma came up behind me grabbed my little love handles and tummy and said “looks like someone needs a little lipo lipo”. I was 12. My size has been a topic of discussion ever since. Now I am far, from … [Read more...]