My Butterfly Moment

Moving to LA has been a crazy time for me! It has been five months since I left my home town and a lot has happened. Not only has this town become my new home it has completely lived up to all my expectations. Its Interesting moving to a new city and totally feeling at ease. Its an amazing feeling to be in a city, where so many things are possible and so many dreams can come true. I say all the time "I don't think I’ll ever move back to Reno" and it really feels that way the longer I'm here. I moved to LA a little over two years after ending a bad relationship. It was my first real bad … [Read more...]

Just A Funking Phase

Have you ever just had a bad fucking month, or two? Looking back you realize that you weren't just overly sensitive, temperamental or irritable. While in the midst of those string of shitty days, you were just in a funk. Unmoved, unmotivated and just plain down! I'm finding myself on the other side of this funk month and feeling as though I'm on a brand new path. My main goals and aspirations have not changed, neither have my close friendships. What did change for me was coming to a few realizations about my self and my personal life. Who I am as a woman and that some people that were in my … [Read more...]

Something I Didn’t Know I Needed

I recently had a very close friend of mine apologize to me in a very big way. After deciding where to sit,  if we needed a shot first and  45 minutes of build up they read me a very detailed, personal, beautifully worded letter about how our relationship had suffered for the past few years. They said while looking back at how things had changed our relationship in a bad way and the time that had been lost could never be regained, going forward should be on a new level of love and respect. It ended with them saying the anger they had harbored trying to forgive me was not what the problem was … [Read more...]

Race Charged Compliments? No Thank you.

It is no secret among my friends and family that I date white men(#swirllife).  What everyone doesn't know is that over the years, although I don't think twice about going on a date with a white guy, It is at the forefront of their mind more often then not that they are on a date with a black girl. I don't mind that you are aware of the fact that you are on a date with someone that isn't the same color as you. What I do mind are the racial charged comments or compliments that come along with it. They vary in severity in my opinion, from things that a guy may not even realize could be off … [Read more...]


At a little over a month of being 26 I find myself in a weird place, a place I didn't think I would be. Although it is not a bad place its still nothing I expected when I thought “When I'm 26 I’ll be…”. Where ever or whoever I thought I’d be, I'm not there and a completely different person. If you would have asked me 10 years ago at 16 what I would be doing at 26, I would have probably said, with great confidence, I will be an international business college grad, with a masters to follow. I would be way beyond an engagement and would have been married by now for almost a year to a wonderful … [Read more...]