We’re Doing It Wrong

Ok I'm gonna do it again! I’m talking about dating. I saw a meme the other day that rang so true for me, I reposted it, saved it, and sent it to a few friends.  It read, “When I was young I wanted to be married by 23.  Lets all take a moment and laugh together.” and its so true!  When I was in high school I would have bet money on this but here I am.  In this jungle/limbo we call modern dating. A world I didn't plan for when I went bright eyed and bushy tailed out of my parents house at 18.  Twenty-six, I now find myself in a place more suited for a specific level of hell from Dante's Inferno, … [Read more...]


At a little over a month of being 26 I find myself in a weird place, a place I didn't think I would be. Although it is not a bad place its still nothing I expected when I thought “When I'm 26 I’ll be…”. Where ever or whoever I thought I’d be, I'm not there and a completely different person. If you would have asked me 10 years ago at 16 what I would be doing at 26, I would have probably said, with great confidence, I will be an international business college grad, with a masters to follow. I would be way beyond an engagement and would have been married by now for almost a year to a wonderful … [Read more...]